About Cobitech

Cobitech was formed in 2004, with the original business purpose of developing a simple, user-friendly statistical program called Cobi-Cricket, which schools could use to capture cricket scores once games were completed. The system quickly started to gather momentum, and once the manual capturing development was completed, it was decided to develop it further into an Electronic Scoring system that could be used to score games as they took place. Due to the fact that every ball was now being recorded, it led to the development of an array of detailed analysis reports that allowed coaches to track players performances, highlighting strengths and weaknesses that have proved fundamental in assisting the coaching of players.

The next major goal was to then develop a platform with which the games could be broadcast live, over the internet, ball-by-ball. This was achieved in 2009 with the launch of webcricket.co.za, and we are happy to report that the user base is growing on a daily basis, especially since some of the top cricketing schools in the country have been going live with scores for several years! The system has also been used to manage the Inter-Provincial schools’ database for Cricket South Africa since 2004, allowing them to create a central database with which to monitor the performances of all our future stars.

With the resounding success of the cricket system, a decision was made to develop a system for rugby, and we are glad to report that after a successful test run in 2011, the Cobi-Rugby system will be available for use in 2012! The system will also provide live scores on the webrugby.co.za website, so be sure to follow some school games once the 2012 season kicks off!

Cobitech will soon be looking into developing more systems for the major sports that take place in our wonderful country, so be sure to track our progress as some of the other sports that your children play could soon be coming to you live!