Cobi-Cricket is an electronic scoring system for Cricket developed by Cobitech. It can be used to either enter general match statistics from score sheets after a game, or to score while a game is taking place (replacing the old score book method). These 2 methods of data capturing then produce a host of statistical and analysis reports, which coaches can use for managing historical records, or as a crucial aid for player and coaching analysis.

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Cobitech then went one step further by developing a live scoring platform on the internet, through a website called This now allows the scorer to go live with ball-by-ball updates so that anyone can follow the game, regardless of where you are in the world. It has proven to be hugely beneficial for parents and cricket lovers, many of whom cannot be at the games due to work or other commitments.

We trust that you will thoroughly enjoy the easy use of the system, and we most certainly know that you will enjoy following live schools cricket on the website!