Cobi-Rugby is an electronic scoring system for rugby developed by Cobitech. It is used as both a Live Scoring as well as a video and statistical analysis system.

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First off, a scorer will sit at a live game and use the system to record basic events/scores that take place in the game. These events and scores will then be broadcast live on the website. This gives people such as parents, alumni and all rugby lovers, who cannot be at the games, the opportunity to follow the games live. This means the world to a parent who cannot be at the match and wants to follow what's going on in his son's game.

Secondly, once the game is finished, the scorer/analyst will then take the video of the game (which can be captured with a simple video recorder) and will track through the video and capture more detailed events that took place in the game (e.g. Rucks, mauls, kicks etc.). The analyst will also have the ability to map specific players to an event. Once this is all completed, the coach will then have the ability to select whichever event he would like to view (e.g. Scrums) and a list of all the scrums that took place in the game will appear. Simply clicking on the event time of the scrum will jump to that point in the video, allowing the coach to seamlessly move to different events that took place in the game in order to assist with coaching analysis! Just think about it, no more having to fast forward and search for an event in a game. A coach's dream!